Why Give to the Church?
1. Financial giving means you have participation in the ministries of Northwest Hills UMC. That includes everything from the joy of worship to the sharing of sorrow at a graveside, from baptizing a baby to nursing home visits, from leading someone to Christ to guiding someone into ministry (volunteer or vocational), from Bible teaching to warm fellowship, from reaching out to the next door neighbor to reaching into Africa. It's all your ministry.
2. There is a big world in need of the love of God. And not just people in faraway lands. WE are in need of the love of God. So are the neighbors across the street. Giving to the church helps minister to them.
3. Giving is a spiritual discipline. It helps loosen our grip on our possessions, so we can cling more tightly to Christ. Or perhaps it helps us not be possessed by our possessions, so we can more fully belong to Christ. Jesus said, "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." (Matthew 6:21)
4. When you are grateful, when you are in love, giving a gift is a natural thing to do. It's something you want to do.
5. And the short answer: God told us to! Old Testament, New Testament, Jesus, Paul, they all say it.
Funds given electronically go to the general ministry of Northwest Hills UMC. At this time we are not able to receive gifts to specific ministries.
Your electronic giving will be included in the financial statements we send to all donors and is 100% tax deductible.
We strongly discourage those with ongoing credit card debt from exercising this option. Credit cards can be a useful tool, and many people pay off their bill in full each month. If you do this, e-giving is for you. Otherwise, we encourage you to give by check on Sunday morning, or by mailing to:
Northwest Hills United Methodist Church
7575 Tezel Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78250