Mother's Day Out

2015-2016 MDO Registration


2015-2016 Rates

Registration begins Feb 24-26 for current members of Northwest Hills UMC

Registration for currently enrolled families (and younger siblings) takes place March 3-5

Open enrollment for new families will take place on Saturday, March 21.  Registration will begin at 7 am and takes place on a first come, first serve basis.  Typically our program has a line that will form overnight to secure a place for registration.  We will have chairs available on the porch beginning Friday evening.  These chairs will be numbered so people may sit in the order of their arrival.

It is strongly suggested that you email the MDO director ( on March 18 or 19.  This email should include your child's date of birth.  Upon receiving the email, the MDO director will reply with the number of available spaces in your child's age group that will be open for enrollment.  This information should help you to decide what time you want to arrive for open enrollment.

Registration fees must be paid at the time of enrollment to secure your spot.  Registration fees are only collected if a space is available.  Once the program is full, children will be placed on the waiting list in the order their registration forms are received.  You are still encouraged to turn in your registration forms on March 21 for the waiting list as unexpected openings do occur over the summer and throughout the year.

You are welcome to come by and tour our MDO program prior to March 21.  Appointments or advance notice is not necessary, but we do ask that you stop by on Tues, Wed or Thurs between 10am-1pm. *Please note that our program will be closed March 9-13 for spring break.

Should you have any further questions, feel free to call or email the MDO director.


Tues/Thurs or Wed 9 am-2 pm


2014-2015 Rates

The calendar for MDO runs the 1st week of September to the 3rd week of May.
For more information contact the MDO Director, Jennifer Staver at 681-3352 or

Our MDO program is filled with a variety of activities for your little one. Children will participate in art, music and bible story each day. Center time, circle time and free play occur daily in the classrooms. Outside time is always a favorite and of course the schedule also includes snack time, lunch and quiet time. All age levels participate in each of the activities. 
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